Respectful Relationships using colour zones of self regulation.  Self Regulation, Social Smarts and for all Mental Health, Wellbeing & Cultural Incursions.  All of the workshops cleverly weave vibrant and interactive experiences through an SEL lense.   Whether it be spectacular Cultural Dance Explosion (various cultural dance styles) to Wellbeing Wonderland to Colour Zones of Regulation or Anti Bullying;  the children are engaged and attitudes shift in our workshops that work.     Whatever the theme the tried and tested ingredients of self reg, dance, drama, music therapy and a good dose of fun ensures the children are engaged and soak up the education.  Many of the incursions include  props, costumes, therapy toys and for a flyer in any of the below Mental Health & Wellbeing or Cultural Incursions

Some of the unique incursions offered include:

The aim of each incursion is for the children to experience a memorable incursion that has an impact.  Children remember our incursions as a reference and are often inspired and motivated to delve deeper because of them.   

Christine Sully is your Educator and has had 30 years experience as an Educator (previously Director Incursions R Us) and spent 10 of those years travelling the world teaching.   Workshops that Work combines her belief in Social & Emotional learning with her love of dance/arts/music and culture to combine in what is always a 'Workshop that Works'.  Christine is based in Melbourne; however regularly travels interstate to teach her specialty incursions.  Please view her website for more information and to contact her to bring her Workshops that Work to your students. 

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Emotional Intelligence - Zones of Regulation

Social Intellience Resilience Anti Bully

Cultural Explosion including Modern Australian Indigenous Culture

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