WONDERFUL WORM WASTE schools program is a new sustainability program which has been thoughtfully designed to specifically meet the Australian National Curriculum. The program highlights waste reduction in schools and at home, with the primary focus being on worm farming, life cycles, and threatened native worms and reducing waste to landfill. There is Wicked Worm Fun with a splash of Science! To view: http://youtu.be/VSi049lWKCw

You will be provided with .... a presentation, hands-on experience of making a mini worm farm, examining worms with magnifying loops, looking at worm eggs, worm tea, worm castings (poo), and the African night crawler worms (Big fishing worms!). And lastly the Giant Gippsland Worm (museum model) to consider size! Each child receives a take home instruction sheet on How to look after their worm farm. Teacher resource kits are also provided and mapped to the Australian curriculum.

Wonderful Worm Waste was developed by Vicki Power in 2012 as a Perth, Western Australia education service. Vicki has built a great reputation of delivering a fun and inspiring presentation. Vicki brings with her 30 years experience in conservation education working in the areas of research and captive breeding of many of Australia’s threatened and endangered species in Zoos across Australia, NZ, and the USA. She has also written several scientific articles. Wonderful Worm Waste won the “Best Home Based Business 2013” in COMMONWEALTH BANK NORTH WEST  METRO AREA - Western Australia.

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