Prepare to ignite curiosity and inspire learning as students delve into the rich history of our park, uncovering the mysteries of its volcanic past and the fascinating stories hidden within its fossilized treasures.

Our engaging activities promise hands-on exploration and unforgettable experiences:

Hands-on Fossil Dig:
Channel your inner palaeontologist as you unearth ancient relics from the depths of time. Dive into the thrill of discovery as students excavate fossils, piecing together the puzzle of prehistoric life right before their eyes.

Erupting Volcano Science Experiment:
Get ready for explosive excitement! Through a thrilling science experiment, students will witness the power of volcanic eruptions firsthand, exploring the forces that shaped our landscape and continue to shape our world today.

Bird Spotting with Binoculars:
Take learning to new heights with a birdwatching adventure! Equipped with binoculars, students will soar into the realm of feathered wonders, honing their observation skills as they spot a diverse array of avian inhabitants within our vibrant ecosystem.

Floor is Lava, Team Building Game:
Let the fun begin with an exhilarating team-building challenge! Students will navigate obstacles and work together to conquer the fiery lava floor, fostering cooperation, communication, and problem-solving skills in a thrilling outdoor setting.

At Wilson Botanic Park Berwick, education comes to life amidst the natural wonders of our unique landscape. Join us for an unforgettable journey of discovery, where every step reveals a new chapter in the epic tale of our planet's history and the beauty of biodiversity.

Our program is closely aligned with the Victorian Curriculum, covering a wide range of learning areas and capabilities such as Science, History and Health and Physical Education.

Science and History components: 

Health and Physical Education components:

  • Use strategies to work in group situations when participating in physical activities (VCHPEM085).
  • Identify rules and fair play when creating and participating in physical activities (VCHPEM087).                                                                      
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Year 6
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