Wilderness Escape Outdoor Adventures are the largest provider of Outdoor Education programs in South Australia, and are recognised nationally as a leader in the field of school based experiential education. 

We work in partnership with YOU to deliver quality Outdoor Education experiences for your students, from lower Primary to SACE level. Wilderness Escape offers unique opportunities for students to engage with the world around them, whils discovering more about themselves, developming meaningful life skills and fostering relationships with their classmates and teachers.


Why Choose Wilderness Escape?

As South Australia’s leading Outdoor Education Provider, Wilderness Escape understands the cross-curricular nature of education and the importance of active engagement. With the ability to tailor your program to address a range of Key Learning Areas we can help integrate your school camp within the wider school context.

Wilderness Escape utilises challenge and controlled risk as educational tools to assist students in reaching their full potential. Drawing on the experience of almost 30 years providing outdoor learning programs for Australian schools, we are industry leaders in adventure based and experiential learning.

We work together with the school to ensure your vision is being achieved and your outcomes are being met within appropriate levels of risk tolerance. We have made a commitment to upholding the international standards for Adventure Tourism and the implementation of robust, industry-leading policies.

Our fully qualified Outdoor Education Facilitators are passionate about teaching your students the skills necessary to effectively participate in outdoor adventures while injecting a large degree of fun and life learning into every program. Supported by a dedicated team in management, catering, logistics and administration, your camp experience will be in our safe hands from the moment you depart school until you arrive back home at the end of your journey.


Delivering Effective Outdoor Education

With an outcome-based approach and a sound understand of the theory of experiential learning we design your program so the students get the best results from their experience.

​Outdoor Education naturally lends itself to addressing core components of the Australian Curriculum, in particular, HPE, Humanities and Science, however there are a huge range of life skills that are addressed throughout our programs.

​In order to maximise the effectiveness of your Outdoor Education experience we tailor our programs with a focus on the following key concepts:

  • Developing a range of skills and knowledge through safe and active participation in outdoor learning.
  • Building communication and collaboration skills by achieving common goals in outdoor activities.
  • Promoting personal health, wellbeing and mindfulness through immersion in natural environments.
  • Enhancing decision-making skills and personal responsibility through the task-orientated independently-led journeys.
  • Fostering a positive growth mindset and personal development through the undertaking and achievement of self-propelled journeys.
  • Increasing appreciation of natural environments through building human-nature relationships, the development of cultural appreciation and a ‘sense of self’.


Three Levels of Service

At Wilderness Escape we understand that schools cater to a very diverse range of individuals and families, and that not all can afford the cost of premium experiences. Therefore, we have developed three different levels of service which can cater to your schools various needs: WILD lite, WILD XL, WILD Premium.

With access to locations Australia wide, a warehouse full of specialised equipment, a fleet of vehicles and a consistent roster of full time staff, Wilderness Escape has the ability to conduct programs from single day "come and try" activities for small groups to whole school "exit weeks" across multiple venues.

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