Our company is the largest provider of school camps, outdoor programs and experiences to schools, youth groups, special needs populations, adults and businesses in Adelaide and South Australia. We have been in operation since 1991, taking groups overseas to Russia and Nepal, and conducting expeditions throughout South Australia, and Victoria.

Our aim is to improve the relationship that people have with the outdoors, and enjoy a range of recreational and educational experiences. We utilise outdoor settings as a means of escape from social stresses; to gain better understanding of ourselves; improve our relationships with others; and find enjoyment associating within groups away from our structured surroundings.

Our goal is to guide people through experiential learning to achieve a range of personal skills in outdoor pursuits that will increase the person’s participation and appreciation of outdoor pursuits and the environment.

WEOA Philosophy of Outdoor Education
Providing a gradual and varied camping experience through each year level the student will gain concepts and skills that will set the foundations for life and personal growth. By taking the experience a piece at a time stretching the boundaries with each step the student will therefore be able to appreciate the experience for what it is and not be shocked by living in the bush or sleeping in a tent. The development of a self-sufficient skill level to ultimately give students the ability to make knowledgeable choices about the outdoor experiences they then take on, whether it be in further education or a personal expedition.

Increasing the level of challenge and experience helps the students develop a sense of satisfaction through the achievements made. The students also have the opportunity to develop life tools such as personal responsibility for what they can achieve, problem solving, independence as a leader and the ability to work with others.

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