Excursions to the WPCC offer a rich cultural experience from regional history to contemporary Art.  Students can discover our regions stories and possessions within the Dubbo Regional Museum and step into a contemporary Art Gallery where a dazzling array of works from some of Australia’s best contemporary artists.  

Our Regional Museum tours see students step into a 1950’s classroom, where hard discipline, hard seats and the craft of using a dip pen and ink under the watchful eye of one cranky teacher, they will be in awe at the Museums wool wagon, which sets the scene for students to learn about wool growing and processing, they can compare samples of wool and see a spinning demonstration with a hands on activity to take home.  

Located in the Dubbo Region the WPCC offers a distinct perspective on regional Australia. While visiting the Dubbo Region students will discover the importance of agriculture and significance of our regions culture and environment a unique regional experience.  

The Excursion Hub Dubbo Region is your one stop to secure that excursion to remember. Delivering itineraries across Old Dubbo Gaol, Wellington Caves and Western Plains Cultural Centre we can pack their day full of immersive activities, no matter how many students in your group we will deliver an itinerary so full the bus trip home will be one of happy exhaustion.

Reach out to our Group Bookings officer, who can deliver an itinerary specifically for your group’s needs. Your excursion doesn’t have to end with the WPCC, our Group Bookings officer has an in depth knowledge of our region and will help you make the most of your excursion, so yours students will discover, immerse and grow within the Dubbo Region. 

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Discover our Region, The Dubbo Region can offer students an experience unlike any other, extend their stay with a tour of the Old Dubbo Gaol, where they will experience a piece of Australian prison history through dynamic guided tours, students will walk in the steps of prisoners in the 1800s, the Old Dubbo Gaol provides students with unique insights into colonial times, they will be enlightened by daring escapes stories, and will leave with an appreciation of our lives today.   

Also consider heading underground at the Wellington Caves so students can wonder at the spectacular cave formations and learn about the many fascinating megafauna that once roamed the area, they’re immersive journey can extend to the Discovery Lab where students undertake a fossil finding session with specialised tools in laboratory setting fit for future geologists.  2021 will also see the new interactive Mega Fauna Visitor Display open. 

Our Excursion Hub is your one stop shop for your school group.

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