We provide primary and secondary student seminars and resources that are engaging, fun and educational on topics such as cyber-bullying, resilience, leadership, identity, drug education and much more.

Our aim is to empower students, providing learning outcomes that engender pro-social values, empathy and resilience through a lively combination of information and interaction. Our teams of qualified and experienced educators, using evidence-based research, impact over 20,000 students in over 100 schools each year.

We offer the following topics for primary and secondary students as well as for parents:


  • Great Mates: being and creating better friendships
  • Bully Proof: keeping safe at school & online
  • Bouncing Back: the art of resilience
  • Drugs & Alcohol: making positive choices
  • Operation Empathy: teamwork and cooperation
  • Hit The Ground Running: transition to high school
  • Lead The Way: making the most of your influence


  • Community Matters: fitting in, identity & community
  • Plugged In: social networking, healthy community and cyber safety
  • Bully Proof: keeping safe at school & online
  • RUOK?: being resilient
  • The Sobering Truth: the impact of drugs & alcohol
  • Man Up: discovering true masculinity & identity
  • Skin Deep: discovering true female identity & worth
  • Truth or Dare: relationships and identity
  • Lead The Way: making the most of your influence
  • Propel Your Score: set goals and excel in Year 12


  • Drug Proofing Your Kids: explores key information & resilient factors to help young people
  • Helping Your Kids to Bounce Back: helping children face challenges with confidence
  • Bully Proof: gives helpful tools on prevention and effective strategies for home, school and online
  • Transition Into Secondary School: key resilient factors in enabling a successful transition

Student Incursion Details:

  • Session duration is between 60 to 90 minutes.
  • Each session includes a variety of games, music, interactive activities, multi-media, etc. to maximise impact and student learning.
  • Follow-up material is also provided for teachers to extend the learning outcomes.
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