It's no secret that the streets of Melbourne are packed full of beautiful architecture, vibrant street art and interesting public sculpture... you just need to know where to look.

Urban Scrawl invites students to look at the grey urban landscape through different eyes. Traversing the city's main thoroughfares and wandering through winding laneways, students will be encouraged to engage with the impact the arts can have on a city aesthetically, socially and historically.

The tour encourages greater familiarity with the City of Melbourne and increases awareness of the vibrant and varied ways artists contribute to the urban environment.

Tours are open to students year 7 - 12, and are particularly well suited to City Experience programmes and Art courses.

Tours are run Monday-Friday in term time. Tour times are flexible, and run for 1-1.5 hours.

Tours Cost $8 per student, which includes a guided tour and education pack.

For more information please call 0434 167 647 or email

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