U Can Hatch Us, Chick & Duck Hatching Education Programmes is a great way to watch and gain valuable experience, knowledge about the development of a chicken. The chick hatching education program duration is 12 days (two school weeks). Everything you need is supplied, 12 chicken eggs, the incubator, brooder, heat source, food, resource and information folder and a small talk is delivered. When the eggs are delivered on the Monday, they will hatch a couple of days later in the first week, you will then have the chicks until the Friday the following week. The experience of their first weeks of life at your school is ideal for K-Yr12 and is satisfaction guaranteed. We deliver, supply and collect everything for you. The incubator is very easy to use and we set it for you and no need for you to adjust anything, just sit back and watch them hatch. Also our lovely large brooder gives you optimum viewing and plenty of room for the chicks to scratch around and display natural behaviour.

U Can Hatch Us, is a West Australian company run by the owner, Rhonda Barbut. U Can Hatch Us has a great reputation for making learning fun! Rhonda is passionate about animals and education. One of her main priorities is to present information to the public and school children, to help raise awareness of animal welfare issues and to encourage free range farm practices. Rhonda has a wealth of experience and knowledge with over 20 years of experience working with a large range of native, exotic mammals and birds, reptiles, birds of prey, companion and farm animals, all gained whilst working in Zoos, Wildlife Parks, Vets and Wildlife Rehabilitation Centres.

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U Can Hatch Us
based in Perth WA
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