At Toonworld we Empower, Educate and Entertain kids through Creative solutions and Awesome cartooning workshops that REALLY make a DIFFERENCE !

Toonworld offers workshop incursions all over Australia from kindy to high school.

The workshops will have your kids drawing long after the workshop is over!!

Is top Give the kids more confidence with their drawing ability, belief in themselves and in front of their peers & encouraging them to think “Outside the Box” with their Creativity.

We teach various drawing activities that enhance their hand-eye co-ordination and develop their motor skills, giving them a sense of achievement to express themselves through their creativity.

They are fully equipped with all the necessary working with children documents and are expertly trained with Toonworld’s highly effective curriculum and are acclaimed artists in their chosen fields, not to mention “Entertainers” who are loads of fun! Our Toonpreneurs are committed to the vision that they will give the kids an experience they have never seen before and will leave them with ambitions and drive to follow their dreams and goals.


“The Toonworld incursion was excellent value for money and totally engaging for all the children. I thoroughly recommend this incursion activity for Vacation Care and Child Care services”
Ms Kristine Harland, Mackay Christian College OSHC, QLD

“We have all agreed that the past 4 weeks have been heaps of fun & we have learnt lots of new skills. the children in our OOSH program have now decided they are going to create “cartoon mascots” for our correspondence header.
Thank you Toonworld for helping us cartoon”
Jenny, Watsonia North OSHC, VIC

“One of the best incursions I have seen presented in 20 years of school holiday programs. The children even 11,12 year old’s loved it and went away with skills they didn’t know they had”
Brian, Garran Oosh, ACT

“The children were highly engaged in their drawing books and on white boards creating lots of wonderful drawings. The children enjoyed the experience and some have asked to have you back some time”
Sandy Marsh, St Patrick’s OSHC, SA

“Very positive and engaging experience. The Toonpreneurs were very responsive to the children and created a very safe and inclusive environment for all involve - excellent strategies to give each child a special moment. An excellent workshop for all the kids and the big kids too”
Enda Nolan, Mulberry Tree Child Care, West Balcatta, WA

“Hi Toonworld, We love your ability to draw and interact with the children which inspires them to copy you! You guys clearly have the passion and professionalism in sharing this craft. They are genuine entertainers and the children who were not very confident in their ability to draw - now give a go automatically rather than have to be encouraged!” Thanks Again
Elizabeth Shields Balmain East, NSW

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