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The Sydney Institute of Marine Science (SIMS) offers hands-on, inquiry-based learning experiences for students in years 7-10. Situated on the iconic foreshore of Sydney Harbour and surrounded by native bushland, SIMS has access to the beach, wharf, rocky shore and diverse marine life at Chowder Bay, as well as state-of-the-art laboratory facilities. SIMS is the ideal place to learn about important science and geography concepts in an authentic, marine science context. All our activities are designed to address key learning objectives and outcomes of the NSW science and geography syllabuses.

Stage 4 and 5 Science Workshops

Students will learn how to apply the scientific method and will use these skills to formulate and test hypotheses, conduct experiments and analyse data related to real-life marine science issues.
To maximise student participation and learning during the workshops, teachers will be provided with a set of supporting pre-workshop resources. A post-workshop activity will also be supplied.

To Settle or Not to Settle – Exploring Sydney Harbour
(Stage 4 Workshop) explores the effects of artificial structures on marine communities by comparing the species that colonise artificial surfaces to those found on natural rocky reefs. Students will gain practical experience and learn the scientific skills associated with the classification of organisms by examining live plants and animals under a dissecting microscope and learning about key elements of their biology.

The Weakest Link (Stage 5 workshop) introduces students to the topic of marine contamination, the field of ecotoxicology and the importance of biomonitoring as a tool for assessing environmental impact. Students will conduct a sea urchin fertilisation bioassay to assess the biological effects of contamination in the marine environment.

The workshops require approximately 3 hours and are conducted from Wednesday to Friday. The cost is $20 per student.

These workshops have been designed to address key learning outcomes in the NSW Stage 4 and Stage 5 Science Syllabuses.

Geography excursions – Sydney Harbour cruise

With greater than 80% of our population living within 100km of the coastline, and increasing densities of residential, commercial and industrial developments within a stone’s throw of some of our most productive and highly vulnerable habitats, our marine environment requires careful management and stewardship for future generations. In this unique excursion students will explore the challenges of human-environment interactions using Sydney Harbour - one of the world’s most productive and biologically diverse, yet also highly impacted estuaries, as a case study.

Harbour cruises are approximately 3 hours and are offered Monday to Friday. The cost is $25 per student.

This learning experience has been designed to address key content descriptions and elaborations outlined in the Australian National Curriculum: Geography - Environmental Change and Management Unit (Year 10).

For enquiries and bookings please email education@sims.org.au or call 02 9435 4600.

More information on our outreach programs at www.sims.org.au/education

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