Exciting, educational and entertaining - our speakers engage learners of all ages with our
interactive sessions. We work to your curriculum needs.

Perfect for all ages and a variety of learning areas our Stilt Walker school visits are engaging from
start to finish. Two charismatic presenters demonstrate a variety of costumes, from long and lanky
to inflatable and massive! Volunteers are selected to wear some inflatable components of costumes.
Learner's have a hands on encounter experiencing the weight of some of the equipment involved
with different stilt walking acts, and are exposed to insights in to a unique and exciting industry.

Incorporating the science behind the variety of stilt designs, the physics of movement, the history of
stilt walking, the creative process in costume design and the drama based skills in street theatre and
improvisation - a Stilt Walkers incursion can provide integrated learning or focus on a specific area.

Our visits are supplemented with teacher resources, such as activity sheets for students to
consolidate what they learnt during their Stilt Walker visit. These resources can range from dot to
dot colouring activity sheets and world jumbles for the early years, to stilts as simple machines
handouts for middle years science students. Our resources and lesson plans are developed by an
experienced school teacher, in consultation with you prior to our visit. The focus of our visit can be
as broad or as specific as you would like it to be.

Stilt Walker sessions are a great way to engage middle years learners or motivate VCAL students to
think outside the square for applied business skills. Stilt Walkers are perfect for Holiday Program
incursions and bring excitement and adventure to your children.

With decades of experience in the industry students will be amazed by our personal accounts of the
global industry. Stilt Walkers Australia are talented professionals who will adapt and modify their
resources to meet your needs.

Contact us to discuss a Stilt Walker incursion.

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