In the current HSC world, students are bound to become overwhelmed throughout the year, and without the necessary skills implemented into their study routine, this is bound to affect their grades and more importantly, their mental wellbeing. The study skills seminar aims to connect with current year 11s, as they begin the last year of High School, teaching them useful skills that apply to them for the rest of their HSC year, while also ensuring that they have the skills to stay accountable on the implementation for the rest of the year. Further, we aim to stay in contact with you after the seminar, organising a post-event follow up to ensure these skills are continually being implemented, free of charge!

Your students will benefit from hearing about all aspects of the HSC; facing their initial fears, managing their mental well-being and learning important and new study skills. At the Senior Study Skills Seminar, your current year 11 students will get the opportunity to learn from state rankers, 99+ ATAR graduates and professional public speakers who work with youth for a living, including:

Daniel Merza - Author of 'Get the Monkeys Off Your Back' and youth specialist 

Luke S. Kennedy - Author of 'Stabbed Ego' and youth mental health specialist

Meerae Mulla - Founder of First Choice Tutoring 

Haiwad Rashtia - 99.90 ATAR and 3rd in the State for Biology 

Nathan Moss - Founder of Uncle Nathan and the Post-School Podcast

This event has been structured after collaborating with teachers, past graduates and current students to create a networking event where students can learn from those who have graduated, as well as their current cohort. The aim is to teach vital skills as students begin year 12 as well as ways to implement them throughout the school year and beyond! This makes the seminar the country's most unique event for High School Students. 

What Makes This Seminar Different?

#1 - Led by our WHY 

We aim to inspire and be inspired by the youth of today. By connecting with teachers, students and past graduates we are able to continue to foster connections within the HSC community to create everlasting bonds and support current students so that they can spend less time stressing, and more time focusing on performing their best! We hope that the seminar not only motivates your students for the term ahead, but gives them the tools they need to be consistent for the rest of the year!

#2 - Not for Profit

All proceeds that are raised for this seminar, go back into the event so that it can serve its purpose and inspire and motivate the class of 2022. Your ticket sales cover the costs so that we can break even with the seminar and focus on creating a memorable experience that ensures your students receive as much benefit from the day as possible.

#3 - Hear from Industry Leaders and Professionals 

Your students will get the opportunity to hear from youth specialists and experts in their respective fields, with the opportunity to also ask questions once they've listened. They will be able to take notes during each session to reflect on what was said during each of the 4 sessions. This is only enhanced by the opportunity to ask past graduates who excelled in their HSC for tips and tricks before the year begins so they can implement what works for them!

#4 - By youth, for youth 

With a 'young people, help young people' approach; our seminar is guaranteed to have a positive effect on your school’s community. The aim is to upskill our youth with positive, lasting change in study, leadership and entrepreneurship skills. Our seminar is designed and conducted by young people, we understand the struggles your students are going through and through this, our professional and personalised approach will impact the lives of your students.

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