RampFest is a world-class indoor skate park that has been supporting the skate, scooter and BMX communities for over 10 years.  Our team is passionate about helping kids progress and enjoy action sports at all ages and skill levels.  Our park features an awesome bowl, foam pit, resi-training ramps, mini ramps and heaps more.  All of our coaches are experienced in working with kids, and we've also got our own "Progression Guide" tailor made for each sport so that students can track their improvement and see what skills are best to learn next.

Programs We Offer

For Schools & Groups, we offer:

  • Multi-Session programs - with skill tracking, progression guides and end-of-program awards
  • Excursions - with free ride time and basic skills clinics to get kids enjoying the skate park
  • Come & Try Days - if you're not sure about our programs, ask us about a Come & Try Day.  We'll bring some equipment out to your school and show your students the basics.  
  • Pro Rider Demonstrations - add some WOW factor and have one of the RampFest Pro's show the group how it's done.

Group Bookings also start as low as $12.50 p/person

We can offer all of our programs at our indoor skate park in Braybrook, or at a local skate park that is more convenient for you.  We also have a range of hire equipment (boards, scooters & helmets) available for students to use if they don't have all their own gear, and offer great shop deals for any students who want to purchase new equipment.

We customise all our packages and programs to suit your needs, so if you have another idea or goal in mind, we're always happy to work with you.

Why Action Sports are Great for Kids

We believe that not only are Action Sports (Skateboarding, Scooters, BMX etc) super fun, they are also great for kids of all ages.  Here's a few examples:

1. Group Activity - Individual Achievements

Action Sports are great activities for groups and the sports culture is all about encouraging each other to progress or learn something new.  At RampFest, all our sessions promote a supportive environment for kids regardless of their skill level - and each participant can get stoked on what they achieved that day (and get high-5s from the whole group)

2. Skate Parks Build Confidence

Learning new skills is great for a child's individual confidence - and unlike other team sports, it has nothing to do with winning or losing.  Progress is clear for the child, and we provide handy skill guides to help them get excited about ticking skills off.   

3.  Improve Fitness & Gross Motor Skills

Action Sports is a great all-body workout for kids - regardless of sport, you need to use a range of muscles and movements to improve.  They also support development of balance and coordination through the whole body.

4.  Combined Physical Activity & Creativity

Action Sports are unique in that they combine the physical workout mentioned above with freedom and creativity to develop your own style.  You can create your own trick, come up with your own line in the park, or just do something a little bit differently to your friends.  This creativity isn't found in traditional sports that are strictly structured - and ultimately, it makes the fun limitless in action sports.

5.  And lastly... It's FUN.

Did we mention how fun this stuff is?  Learning a new trick, seeing your mates progress, achieving something that scared you.  The fun is infectious at the skate park - and the RampFest coaches will make sure any group has an awesome time.

Find out More

If you're interested in a Skate Park Program, Excursion or Come & Try Day, get in touch with the details on the right.

We can't wait to show your students around the skate park at your next school excursion.


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