We are also available to provide additional experiences and resources to suit the needs of your education group.  There are a variety of dining options at Port Arthur and school group catering menus are available.  

To find out more or make a booking visit the education sections of our websites, www.portarthur.org.au/education and www.femalefactory.org.au/education or contact us by email or phone at education@portarthur.org.au or (03) 6251 2367.


With over 100 acres and dozens of historic buildings, ruins and gardens to explore, Port Arthur is an open-air classroom with countless learning opportunities for your students. Whether you’re visiting for the day or staying for a multi-day camp, we offer a range of activities to suit your needs.


Our Basic Student Package includes:

• site entry for two consecutive days

• a site map

• a 30-minute Harbour Cruise, and

• a Guided Education Walk.

Guided Education Walk

This interactive tour encourages student enquiry, and covers several locations on site where students will hear stories of life at Port Arthur, and consider whether the settlement was a place of punishment, reform or both.

‘Making a Better World?’ Guided Walk for the Year Nine Curriculum

This tour helps students to discover the significance of Port Arthur through exploring the evolution of the settlement.

A Year Nine Education Program Guide is available on our website. This tour is included in the basic package as an alternative to the Guided Education Walk.


Tour duration: 2 hours, including ferry crossings

Suitable for upper primary and secondary school students

Tour the site of the first separate boys’ prison in the British Empire; known for its stern discipline and harsh punishment. Three thousand boys were imprisoned here between 1834 and 1849 – some as young as nine years old. This walking tour of an archaeological site will introduce students to the stories of the boys who served time here.


Tour duration: 1 hour, including ferry crossings

Suitable for upper primary and secondary school students

Between 1833 and 1877, at least 1100 people were buried on the tiny Isle of the Dead, in Port Arthur’s harbour. This guided walking tour enables students to gain an insight into the lives of some of the people who lived, worked and died at Port Arthur.


Tour duration: 90 minutes

Suitable for upper primary and secondary school students

Port Arthur Historic Site has a history of strange stories and sightings. On this tour, students will join our black-cloaked guides and venture out into the night by lamplight to hear vivid stories of mysterious occurrences that have been reported here.


Suitable for primary school students (30 minutes)

In this fun, practical activity, students learn about hand-made bricks from Port Arthur. Students examine original convict bricks and learn about how they were made, before creating their own quarter-size convict brick to take home, complete with thumbprints!


Suitable for upper primary and secondary school students (50 minutes)

Solve a ‘history mystery’ by examining riddles and rubbish from Port Arthur’s past. Using real convict records and artefacts, students learn what historical sources tell us about the past, and how historians and archaeologists use this evidence to piece together stories from history.   


Suitable for upper primary and secondary school students (75 minutes)

Before electric telegraphs and telephones arrived in the colonies, a system of semaphore stations was used to send coded messages between Port Arthur and Hobart Town. In Breaking the Code, students learn how to operate a semaphore station using replica equipment and real codes developed by Commandant Charles O’Hara Booth.


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