We believe that nothing prepares kids for real life like the Real World.
We give kids the desire to overcome difficulties. Lessons and learnings with longterm benefits.

Founded in 1984, the Outdoor Education Group (OEG) is an independent non-profit organisation. We teach 42,000 students every year on adventure based, outdoor experiential learning courses ranging from 1 to 30 days in length.

OEG custom-designs outdoor learning programs to suit each clients desired educational outcomes. Each school decides its learning outcomes in partnership with OEG who then determines with full consultation, a location, style and program to suit.

Our expertise is in fully staffed, equipped and resourced bush and journey based programs, with a high level of pre and post-program education, evaluation, support and interaction.

Adventure Based Outdoor Experiential Learning is a learning process that draws upon experiences encountered during outdoor journeys. The learner is equipped with foundation skills such as navigation, cooking and decision-making (in the outdoor context), and is then presented with opportunities to utilise these primary skills during a challenging experience.

OEG runs programs throughout Australia. Both centre based and bush-based journey style programs are available; all programs are tailored to suit our clients' needs.

Programs can entail everything from rafting, canoeing, hiking, rock climbing, orienteering, cycling, treks, raft building, Snow Skiing and Shoeing, Kayaking, Sea Kayaking, Surfing and many more.

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