Just Like Me? is a global education program, developed specifically for use in Australian primary schools. Designed by teachers for teachers and their students, the program aims to inform students about children, just like them, living in poverty- stricken parts of the world. The diverse resources support the Australian curriculum mandate that schools ‘equip young Australians with skills, knowledge and understanding that will enable them to engage effectively with and prosper in a globalised world.

(www.australiancurriculum.edu.au/CrossCurriculumPriorities : 1/10/2014)

Just Like Me? workshops are delivered by a registered teacher to schools across Greater Melbourne. With more than 80 schools and 10,000 students already participating, teachers have consistently commented on the benefits of the workshops for their students.

A Just Like Me? Workshop runs for approximately 90 minutes. Students are involved in a presentation that is based on the real life story of a child in Ghana, Uganda or India and are asked to consider similarities and differences between themselves and their peers in these countries. The emphasis is varied according to the learning program of the participating school, and the age and stage of the students. For younger students, a simple introduction to the issues of living in poverty is accompanied by discussions about the needs and wants of daily life. For older students the topics include the Millennium Development Goals or Sustainable Development Goals, the Rights of the Child or the responsibilities that come with global citizenship. These discussions are followed by a series of hands-on activities based on the life of the child already discussed, including daily chores such as water carrying, basic schooling and games from other places.

The best part of a Just Like Me? Workshop is that you don’t even have to leave the school grounds! If you book a workshop, a registered teacher will come to your school bringing everything required for your students to have an extraordinary experience of developing insight and empathy. Follow up activities are also recommended. The Just Like Me? website has plenty of resources and ideas for teachers to access.

The cost is $6 per child, ( minimum numbers apply) . A single workshop can cater for up to 3 classes. Schools are welcome to book consecutive workshops, with a school day accommodating 3 workshops. A 25% discount will apply to the 3rd workshop booked in a day.
Bookings are now open for 2015 for further information please see: www.justlikeme.org.au or contact: justlikeme@internationalneeds.org.au

“The program fully supported our term planning…..it fully matches the nine Australian Values of Schooling for the 21st Century and reflects our commitment to a multicultural and environmentally sustainable society where all are entitled to justice.” (Grade 6 teacher, Geelong, May 2014)

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