What to expect from GooRoo Animation School Incursions:

In our typical 2-3 hour workshop, students will learn from watching GooRoo’s film Animal Instincts, and discover how it was made. They will then create their own characters and bring them to life using the Stop Motion Studio app. The finished videos will be screened to the group and uploaded to YouTube via the GooRoo Animation Workshops channel to be shared with friends and family.

School requirements:

All equipment and materials will be provided. All that is required is a space at least the size of a typical classroom with tables and chairs. Information can be provided to teachers about how to continue the animation program after our workshop.

Educational focus:

Our workshops support the Australian curriculum, providing an engaging activity to help develop the general capabilities of Critical and Creative Thinking, ICT, Personal and Social Capability and Literacy. It's a fun way to practice storytelling, problem solving, collaboration and creativity. Perfect for any classrom with an arts, English or STEM focus.

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The workshops are flexible and can be tailored to suit any schedule or situation. Please contact us with your specific requirements and we will do our best to accommodate.

What others are saying about GooRoo Animation:

“Well paced and explained for every skill level. Inspiring, educational and entertaining!”
Karl, St Josephs School

“It was great to see every child having a go and feeling proud that they had created something special.”
Rose, Adelaide Plains Council

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