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Virtual Reality Team-Based Escape Games For Fun School Excursions

If you love escape games or ever wanted to immerse yourself in amazing virtual worlds, get ready for super teamwork and quick thinking.

Virtual Reality is the latest worldwide phenomenon that uses cutting edge technology to make you feel like you’re somewhere else entirely. Nothing that has come before – TV, 3D movies or video games can compare to the experience of stepping fully inside a virtual reality world.

  • See, hear and interact with each other in a thrilling virtual reality team adventure
  • As a Super Team, be teleported onto Eden Space Station to save Earth in 60 minutes
  • Fly through outer space, honing hand eye co-ordination through shooting lasers and mastering other special abilities
  • Use keen observation, problem solving and lateral thinking to solve puzzles as a team and have most of all have FUN!!

Learning Outcomes

  • Teamwork
  • Problem soving and lateral thinking
  • Communication
  • Hand-eye coordination

Customised Subject Specific Key Learning Outcomes

Choose from a range of innovative, customised educational programs where students will be highly engaged while meeting Key Learning Outcomes and have your school lead the way in preparing students for future career paths.

  • Game Design Workshop: students learn the principles of game design, how to define and analyse the problem, storyboarding techniques and get to design their own game.
  • Virtual Reality Artwork Workshop: learn principles of virtual reality design and the tools, tips and techniques available. Create 3D artwork / design / fashion or any other visual arts or design area applicable.
  • Location-Based Experiential Learning: blending science, geography, history and culture, allowing students to don virtual reality headsets to get a first-hand feel into the day in the life of an Antarctica scientist and problem solve in Antarctica, climb Everest, explore Mars, be astronauts on Apollo 11, see whale and reef migrations and the luminous abyss at the bottom of the ocea or explore historical sites and locations anywhere in the world.

For more information about Virtual Reality Rooms School Excursions check out our website https://enterthemission.com/sydney/large-groups/school-excursions for your next fun school excursion in Sydney.

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