“ UNDER NEW OWNERSHIP AND AFTER  EXTENSIVE RENOVATIONS this new centre is very hands on and interactive with a more personal feel than other larger zoological facilities are able to offer at an amazing low price. Also available for after hours bookings. 

Love them or fear them?

Australia has some of the most unique reptiles in the world, 90% of them are not found on any other continent and everyone agrees they are fascinating!! CROCODILES , GOANNAS, FROGS, PYTHONS AND THE WORLDS MOST VENOMOUS SNAKES!! All under one roof .

This facility is actually one of Canberra’s oldest Australian animal education centers but has become its newest attraction After extensive renovations! the new CANBERRA REPTILE ZOO now boasts over 60 different species of Australian reptiles, Frogs and insects.

Displayed in beautifully designed natural habitat style enclosures to inspire visitors of all ages . Big enough to impress but small enough to remain personal with a strong interactive philosophy between the keepers, animals and you!

Our experienced and energetic keepers are always on hand to present live shows by appointment, just answer your questions or even let you come in contact in a safe and comfortable environment.

We believe in conservation through education, empathy and interest!

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Physical Address: 
Gold Creek Village, 9 O'Hanlon Place
Nicholls ACT 2913
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02 6253 8533