At the Australian Reptile Park we believe in mixing education with fun and the result is an exciting school excursion that will be remembered for years! Our shows are designed for years K-6 and an excursion to the Australian Reptile Park is truly a hands-on experience!


Our Location
The Australian Reptile Park is locate on the NSW Central Coast. We're just off the M1 in Somersby and are only a 30 minute drive from Wahroonga.
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Educational Exerperiences with the Australian Reptile Park

Onsite Excursions 

At the Australian Reptile Park we like to make education fun and interactive. Our show “Living Things In Their Natural Environment” is catered to suit curriculum needs and outcomes whilst providing the highest level of student engagement. Teachers can also opt to choose one of three “add-on” topics to your educational show that correlate with key topics in the Science & Technology Syllabus. They are:

- Lifecycles – with a focus on frogs

- Ecosystems – with a focus on spiders

- Conservation – with a focus on Tasmanian devils

The Australian Reptile Park’s school shows are interactive, educational and structured around key curriculum learnings. Animals we may feature in our school shows include the Koala, Tawny frogmouth, Alligator, Burmese python, a variety of lizards and pythons*. You can also cater it further towards your current unit of work with the added options of either frogs (lifecycles), Tasmanian devils (conservation) or spiders (ecosystems).

If you have any questions regarding school excursions, please call Reception on (02) 4340 1022 or email

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The Australian Reptile Park, can come to your school with our interactive, fun and hands-on program to give your students a better understanding and appreciation of the diversity and importance of the world’s creatures and the vital role they play in the well being of the planet.

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Virtual Excursions

Just because you can’t leave the classroom, it doesn’t mean you can’t experience the wonders of wildlife with your students! At the Australian Reptile Park, we like to make education fun! Our show “Living Things in Their Natural Environment” is catered to suit curriculum needs and outcomes whilst providing the highest level of student engagement, virtually.

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Free Educational Resources

Our educational resource booklets have been compiled by a qualified teaching professional to help you keep the kids entertained with fun learning activities at home!

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Online Education Hub

Bringing the zoo to you with live streams & educational videos! Explore over 40 episodes of Animal Tales with Tim Faulkner.

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We also offer incursions for high school students! Call Reception on (02) 4340 1022 or email for more information.

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