Tuesday, 5 December, 2023 - 22:30
Fun things to do at Christmas with your high school students

As the holiday season unfolds, high school teachers in Australia are gearing up for an exciting blend of creativity and festivity within their classrooms. This time of the year offers a unique opportunity to engage older students with activities that resonate with their interests and encourage a deeper exploration of Christmas traditions. From scientific experiments that unravel the mysteries behind festive phenomena to history projects that traverse the evolution of Christmas across decades, these tailored activities promise to infuse holiday cheer into high school classrooms while providing meaningful learning experiences. Join us on a journey to discover innovative and unique Christmas engagements designed to captivate the minds of high school students across the continent.

1. Global Yuletide Traditions Exploration:

Encourage cultural awareness by exploring diverse Christmas traditions worldwide. Assign different countries to groups of students, prompting them to research and present how Christmas is celebrated in their assigned nation. This not only fosters global understanding but also develops research and presentation skills.

2. Festive Science Experiments:

Combine the magic of the holidays with the intrigue of science through Christmas-themed experiments. From exploring the chemical reactions in Christmas baking to investigating the physics behind sleigh design, these hands-on activities captivate high school students’ curiosity while blending education with holiday spirit.

3. ‘Christmas Around the Decades’ History Project:

Transform history lessons into a festive journey by assigning students different decades to explore how Christmas has evolved over time. They can delve into historical events, popular culture, and traditions, presenting their findings through multimedia projects or engaging presentations.

4. Creative Writing: ‘Letters to the Future’

Encourage reflection and creativity by having students write letters to their future selves, sharing their aspirations and reflections on the past year. This introspective activity not only hones writing skills but also allows students to set positive intentions for the coming year.

5. Sustainable Gift-Making Workshop:

Promote sustainability and creativity by organizing a gift-making workshop. Students can craft eco-friendly gifts using recyclable materials, emphasizing the importance of thoughtful and sustainable consumption during the festive season.

Incorporating these unique Christmas activities into high school classrooms not only adds a touch of holiday magic but also provides opportunities for skill development and meaningful exploration. May this festive season bring joy, discovery, and a sense of unity to your high school classrooms. Wishing you and your students a Merry Christmas!