Thursday, 24 January, 2019 - 12:00
Best school incursions

The Benefits of School Incursions for Students

School incursions have many great benefits to student and teachers, and in some instances a great alternative to school excursions. Properly organised and managed school incursions enhance the learning experience of students, and are safe and effective.

The Benefits of School Incursions

School incursions allow hands-on teaching and learning – making learning interactive and fun.

  • The opportunity for students to be taught by someone other than their teacher that may also be an expert in their field can help a student’s focus and engagement.  Often school incursions are presented by ex-teachers or people with an educational background so they know how to interact with students.
  • Helps to develop a student’s critical thinking skills.
  • Students will be encouraged to interact and communicate with both other students and presenter/teachers assisting in building language skills, social skills, confident and motivation.
  • Provides an opportunity for all students to participate and a path to success for disadvantaged students.
  • Teaches teamwork tolerance, cooperation, problem solving and awareness.
  • Makes the learning and teaching experience fun for both students and teachers. 
  • A unique learning experience allowing students to explore and extend their knowledge by bringing the outside world into in the classroom.
  • There is no travel involved for the students therefore teacher resources, money and time are saved.
  • Students are in a familiar environment reducing risk.

Advice for Teachers when planning / organising a school incursion

To ensure the school incursions runs smoothly and meets the required learning outcomes teachers should consider the following points.

  • Check with the incursion provider if some prior work/learning will need to be completed before the incursion.  This will help students to get the most out of the incursion and feel more confident interacting and participating on the day.  For example a science incursion may require certain concepts to be understood prior to the presentation.
  • Brief the provider on the topics students have learnt and what you expect the students to get out of the incursion.
  • Any equipment needed for the incursion is managed correctly. Liaise with delivery person to ensure they are aware of where the equipment is to be unloaded and suitable times to deliver as well as best access points - maybe supply a map of the school grounds.
  • School incursions that require considerable setup time and arrangments should be organised well in advance - such as checking best location and time for items to be erected if necessary.
  • Student allegies, behavioural issues etc. should all be noted in the risk assessment supplied by the incursion provider.
  • Check the qualifications of the Incursion providers and that they have the correct documentation/checks such as Child Safety Clearance or training in handling chemicals if conducting a chemistry incursion.
  • Check with the incursion provider how they will charge the school is it per student or by the event.