Monday, 29 August, 2016 - 00:00

BridgeClimb is offering a new product that showcases an Australian icon in the context of a real life science case study. 

It’s a product like no other in Australia, which provides Year 7-8 students an interactive school excursion that covers a selection of science topics, taught in stages 4-5, including Forces, Contraction and Expansion and Corrosion. 

BridgeClimb takes students on a comprehensive theoretical and practical case study, covering the below subject matters:

  1. What is a Force? What is Expansion/Contraction? What is Corrosion?
  2. How is the Sydney Harbour Bridge affected by Forces, Expansion/Contraction and Corrosion?
  3. What does BridgeClimb Sydney and the Roads and Maritime Service (RMS) do to control these factors?

The excursion product at BridgeClimb Sydney encompasses:

  • A theory session located in BridgeClimb’s Visitor Centre and Cinema (exclusive access). This session will include a 10 minute video tutorial presenting the theory, followed by a Q&A session by a representative from BridgeClimb’s Engineering and Maintenance team.
  • A guided climb on the Sydney Harbour Bridge with our professional Climb Leaders, featuring customised commentary focused around key subject areas. The climb duration can range from 1.5-3.5 hours.
  • Activity sheet completed in a wrap up session post-climb covering the key learning’s from the climb and theory. Debrief and Q&A sessions will conclude the excursion.

BridgeClimb’s newest product has been developed in conjunction with engineers and secondary science teachers to ensure the content is accurate and hitting key curriculum topics, thus providing teachers with a highly relevant excursion option. The theory is covered by BridgeClimb’s professional Climb Leaders, by way of commentary over the entire climb, leaving each student packed with general knowledge, history, and science facts.

For more information, contact Leigh Weller at BridgeClimb Sydney via email or call 02 8274 7775, or view online .