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Planning School Camps or School Excursions

WANT new ideas and new experiences for your students…but struggle to find the time or resources to find them? The Australian Directory of School Activities, Excursions and Accommodation one-stop resource to help you plan your school’s trips with ease.

Planning a camp or easy as 123

IT’S no secret that teachers are working harder and smarter than ever. Contrary to popular belief, the work is far from over when the last bell rings. After that there are parents to meet, reports to write, after school activities to supervise, lessons to plan, meetings to attend…. the list goes on.

On top of an already precarious work load, teachers are also increasingly being expected to plan and organise school activities, school excursions and school camps. Not just any old excursions or camps, mind…but events that offer new and exciting educational experiences for students. It can be a daunting task.

So where to start to find the "right" school camp / excursion or activity. The Australian Directory of School Activities, Excursions and Accommodation is a printed and online resource that listed a huge range of school activities, school excursions and school camps along with transport options across all states, age groups, curriculum needs, and budgets.

Online directory
The online directory – contains loads of great fun and educational ideas for your next school activity, including educational programs, camps and accommodation, entertainment and activities, historical exhibits, museums, festivals and attractions, excursions, events, tourism information, travel and tours and venues.

Today, we are proud to say that The Australian Directory of School Activities, Excursions and Accommodation is Australia’s No 1 website for planning school camps, school excursions and school activities.

Navigation on the site is as easy as 1,2,3….the super quick drop-down Directory on the Home Page can be searched according to:

Category (i.e. camp, excursion, accommodation)

  • State
  • Region
  • Curriculum
  • Age group
  • Key words
  • Postcode

Looking for something unique? The Home Page also showcases the latest and most innovative camps, accommodation and activities in regularly updated Featured School Activities.

The drop-down tabs at the top of the Home Page lead to a comprehensive listing of resources for schools, including in-depth articles on social and educational issues, ideas and activities for school trips.

The articles are wide-ranging and make excellent reading for teachers and camp coordinators. You can also go online to subscribe to our regular newsletter – to ensure you’re kept up to date with the latest ideas and events.

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What you’re saying
Like most teachers, South Australian educator Karen Gillespie wants the best for her students. But time is always the biggest sticking point.

“I want my students to learn and grow through new experiences and challenges, but finding suitable activities and excursions can be incredibly time consuming,” she explained. “At the end of the day, after a full day in the classroom, followed by meetings and extra-curricular activities, I’m exhausted!”

She said The Australian Directory of School Activities, Excursions and Accommodation was a welcome addition.

“I love the fact that I can access the Directory online. It saves me precious time and I can quickly navigate my way through the comprehensive listings by selecting the category that best suits the activity I have in mind.”

She said she also welcomed the fact that the Directory was regularly updated to include the latest activities, venues and camps.

“Keeping students engaged and interested in learning gives enormous satisfaction. Long gone are the days where an annual trip to the museum sufficed. Today’s students, teachers, parents and caregivers want educational activities that stimulate, excite and extend students’ learning.”

The online directory which can be found at contains loads of fun, educational and great ideas for your next school activity / school camp or school excursion.