Thursday, 5 May, 2022 - 16:45
School Excursions

At the Australian Reptile Park, we believe in mixing education with fun and the result is an exciting educational experience that will be remembered for years! Our shows are designed specially to align with the New South Wales school curriculum whilst creating a truly a hands-on experience for your students.

When it comes to the ‘Living World’ component of the Science and Technology K-6 Syllabus, nothing is more engaging that having an immersive and hands-on experience. We find kids are truly captivated when the animals are right in front of them and they are able to experience the animals on multiple sensory levels, allowing for an excursion that creates long lasting knowledge and memories.

Our programs are stage specific, meaning we have four different shows catered to the requirements of the ‘Living World’ strand of the K-6 Science & Technology syllabus. You can rest assured knowing that at the end of an excursion provided by the Australian Reptile Park, all information discussed with the kids is 100% relevant for their stage.

To further enhance the educational experience, we have teacher resources that can be used in the classroom after the excursion allowing a chance to apply the newfound knowledge the kids have gained. We find this allows a well-rounded opportunity for kids of all learning styles to soak in the information and truly be excited by the Living World!

The Australian Reptile Park also offers incursions to bring our interactive and fun education program to your school. Our programs are structured to allow kids to have first-hand experience with the animals whilst learning syllabus specific information. We do this through an even split of a 45-minute presentation and a 45-minute animal interaction session! Each presentation is tailored to the New South Whales Curriculum and is enhanced by live snakes, lizards and crocodilians making for a fun and immersive educational experience.

Bookings are essential for all excursions and incursions and can be made via the Australian Reptile Parks website