Wednesday, 17 January, 2024 - 17:15

New school year, new classmates, and maybe a few butterflies in the stomach! The first week can be a bit awkward, especially if you're not sure how to strike up a conversation with someone new. Fear not! Here are some cool ideas to make that first week awesome for your teenage students:

  1. Emoji Introductions: Instead of regular intros, have students introduce themselves using emojis that represent their hobbies, favourite foods, or how they feel about the first week. It's a fun and creative way to express themselves.
  2. Playlist Party: Ask students to create a short playlist of their favourite songs. During class breaks or downtime, play a couple of tracks. It's a great conversation starter and a chance for everyone to discover new music.
  3. Two-Minute Tales: Give each student two minutes to share something interesting or funny about themselves. It could be a quirky talent, a cool pet, or a wild adventure. It's a speedy way to get to know each other.
  4. Name That Hobby: Create a bulletin board where students can pin up pictures or drawings of their favourite hobbies or interests. It's an easy way for everyone to find common ground and strike up conversations.
  5. Snapchat Scavenger Hunt: Take the traditional scavenger hunt into the digital age. Create a list of Snapchat-friendly items or challenges for students to find and snap during breaks. It's a fun way to get them moving and interacting.
  6. Classroom Compliment Wall: Set up a board for compliments. Students can write something positive about their classmates and stick it on the wall. It's a feel-good exercise that encourages a positive atmosphere.
  7. Guess the Fun Fact: Have students write down a quirky or unexpected fact about themselves on an index card. Collect the cards, shuffle them, and read them aloud. The challenge is for the class to guess who the fact belongs to!

These activities are designed to make the first week a blast for your awesome young students. Let's make this school year full of new friendships, laughs, and great memories!