Thursday, 17 October, 2019 - 11:30
Fun Bowling School Excursions

If you’re looking for a fun school excursion that's high on laughs and low on organising, head to ZONE BOWLING for stress-free entertainment guaranteed to make the whole class happy! Here’s why bowling is a great choice when planning a group excursion for your classroom, school sports team or even a teachers’ end-of-year celebration.

Physical Benefits of Bowling

Today’s youth spend a lot of their time indoors and face a range of pressures: between balancing homework and extracurricular activities, simply “playing” is losing ground. Their more sedentary lifestyles are having a worrisome impact, too, especially on the so-called Gen Z generation, the youngest of which are currently 10 years old. Research estimates that by 2027, when the youngest Gen Zs become adults, 77.9% of male and 61.2% of female Gen Zs will be overweight or obese. Encouraging group activities or outings such as team games at your local ZONE BOWLING is a good start to introduce younger kids to the fun side of exercise.

Bowling has many physical benefits. Younger children can improve their balance and coordination, while the movement of handling and throwing a ball strengthens their arm muscles and grip. And while they might not be actively aware that they’re doing so, calculating the potential trajectory of the bowling ball and moving their bodies to get the desired result improves their mental abilities, too.

Bowling improves stamina, is a source of light cardio exercise and suits a range of physical abilities and ages. ZONE BOWLING provides special gear to make the bowling experience easier for younger and first-time bowlers, such as bowling rails to prevent gutter balls, and special slides that allow kids whose arms aren’t strong enough yet to roll the ball down the lane.

Social Benefits of Bowling

Digitally connected and tech savvy almost from the day they are born, today’s kids might have the entire world at their fingertips and find new “friends” just a click (and a continent) away... But most of it is being experienced through a tiny screen.

Researchers have found that loneliness and social disconnection is on the rise among our youth despite (or perhaps because of) their “always on” status, and this is leading to mental health issues. While there isn’t a quick fix to the challenge, “offline” group excursions and activities where all tech goes in a box and the focus is on movement, social bonding and discovery can benefit vulnerable youth.

Group activities such as ten pin bowling provide an opportunity for kids to bond with each other while learning more about themselves. It’s a space that’s perfect for crucial face-to-face interaction and play, to look a friend in the eye and ask, "hey, are you okay?"

Mental Benefits of Bowling

Group social activities such as ten pin bowling can also play an important role in fostering the so-called “soft skills” that experts on the future of work stress as crucial for a successful career. As such, arranging a special classroom outing to your local ZONE BOWLING to help your class discover and improve their “soft skills” could be a great idea for a special “careers” class! The crucial “soft skills” youth need include:

  • Communication and interaction: we’re talking about face-to-face conversations, jokes and giggles, not SnapChat! Non-threatening group environments such as a bowling alley might be especially helpful to get shy kids feeling more comfortable about communicating.
  • Teamwork: if prizes and bragging rights are up for grabs for the best team score, it helps to work together to get that strike. A game like bowling can also be used to alleviate tension and strengthen bonds in a classroom setup.
  • Leadership: sports games such as ten pin bowling create an environment for leadership skills to develop. It is also a great place to learn about being graceful at both winning and losing.
  • Listening: if the phone’s put away, the ears come into play. (Well, that’s the dream all teachers hope for… We can only support you to reach this goal!)
  • Innovation and creativity: the more kids play, the more they develop their imagination, dexterity, and physical, cognitive and emotional strength. They become better at interacting with the world around them and developing solutions to challenges.
  • Problem solving: two pins left on the bowling lane, and they’re on opposite sides? Time for a team huddle to sort out those Grandma’s Teeth!


Perhaps the most important reason to go ten pin bowling is simply that it’s loads of fun!

ZONE BOWLING has perfected the art of creating experiences that keep the smiles coming. Cool music and magical lighting? Check. Delicious, unfussy food and drinks on site? Check. (Think hot dogs, burgers and milkshakes!) A clean, safe and family friendly atmosphere? Check, check, check!

ZONE BOWLING family entertainment centres provide an immersive experience that also includes laser tag and a range of state-of-the-art arcade games on site. We feature iconic open prize stores stocked with high-quality prizes to reward intrepid players.

Our group packages make it easy for anyone to organise a group event, fundraiser, team celebration or classroom excursion in the most stress-free way possible. We take the pain out of organising, whether you’d like to treat your class to a special outing or celebrate an important school win.

So, head over to ZONE BOWLING today to plan your next school excursion! For more information, contact us at 1300 368 067 or visit our website: