Wednesday, 12 April, 2023 - 14:00
Gold Coast Holiday Park

Mental health has become such a huge topic in the last few years, and students are being more affected than ever.

These days students are bombarded with so many negative messages coming through social media, the news, stressors in the home, school and with friendships. There is a lot of disconnection due to time spent on devises and students these days are not learning how to build good relationships with each other. Add to that the academic pressures, bullying and general social pressures, students these days are struggling to cope in such a busy world. Giving children the skills to learn how to cope, build resilience and support each other is important to help them with everyday stressors and expectations.

School camps offer a lot of opportunities to build those skills that will help them to become more resilient, by learning to become independent and take care of themselves. These skills can also be used to support one another and to learn how to work in a team to achieve something great.

Camping is a wonderful opportunity to help students relax in a peaceful environment and get back in touch with themselves and each other. Students can get away from their devices and learn how to communicate effectively with each other through team building exercises. Students can learn to build social connections and reduce isolation through team building activities, with opportunities for support from their peers.

Getting outdoors will encourage physical activity and daily movement, which can improve mood and reduce stress. This will provide students with a break from academic pressures and give them a change to explore new hobbies and interests. School camps can offer students opportunities for personal growth and development through leadership activities and skill building workshops.

Students can get back to nature and enjoy studying the abundance of wildlife that can be found in nature. Students can benefit on many levels from being in contact with nature, improving their physical and psychological well-being. Studies have shown that it can help with anxiety and depression, and improves student ability to concentrate which will help with their school studies.

School camps are just one way to help improve the mental health of students. The skills that students have developed can be implemented in other areas of their lives, including their family environment. And a foundation is set from which students can build on and carry those skills throughout their lives.

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