Tuesday, 5 April, 2022 - 16:30
Building a Positive School Culture

It’s not something you can see, touch or feel, but positive school spirit has the power to reach every corridor, every classroom and every centimetre of the school playground.

It’s something all schools strive to achieve, and with good reason. A positive school spirit creates a welcoming vibe, keeps everyone smiling and encourages harmony in and out of the classroom.

In short, it makes everyone feel that they are part of something greater than themselves.

So how do you build a positive school spirit? We list our top tips for fostering positive school spirit – many of which are ideal projects for your next school activity, school excursion or school camp!

Host a talent show

One of the silver linings of extended COVID-19 lockdowns was that many students – and their teachers – learnt new skills. For some, it was a new musical instrument. For others, a new dance, a new science discovery or a new song. Ask students to showcase their new talent at a talent show. This can be held at school, or even on your next school camp. Teachers are encouraged to join in, too!

Create a school song

Sports teams put a lot of time and effort into developing catchy team songs. Why? Because they make people feel they are part of something special. Hold a school challenge where every classroom has a go at creating a new school song. Make the songs short, catchy and easy to remember, so every member of the school can sing along with gusto and confidence.

Teach your school’s history

Students who know about their school’s history feel a stronger connection to their school – and an increased sense of school pride. Teach and celebrate your school’s history through displays, talks and presentations. Invite former students with interesting careers or roles in life to talk to current students. Invite seniors who attended the school for a ‘back-in-time ‘day, where young students can talk to seniors about what school was like ‘back then’.

Hold an annual ‘community spirit’ day

Reach out to your local community through a community spirit day to help build school pride and community bonds. Find out what your community needs help with, and gather the school community. Maybe it’s planting trees, visiting seniors in local residential care facilities, helping out at the library or sweeping and trimming neglected public areas. Alternatively, invite local seniors to your school for a special morning tea, served by the students!

Hold a school movie night

Invite parents and students in for an outdoor film night under the stars. Encourage everyone to bring a picnic dinner, outdoor chairs and a picnic rug. Project your movie onto a large wall, so everyone can enjoy the movie.

Themed door decorating contests

Each month, hold a door decorating contest where students can recognise and celebrate special events from a wide range of cultures that represent their student body. Get artistic with ribbons, photos, poems and stories to uplift and celebrate.

Host a ‘colour run’

What’s not to love about a colour run? Lots of exercise, lots of laughter and LOTS of colour. Pelting each other with powdered paint might sound weird, but it’s a whole lot of fun! Perhaps an outdoor event for your next school camp?