Wednesday, 19 May, 2021 - 10:15

For many students, school camp is the highlight of the year.  It’s a chance to learn away from the walls of the classroom and engage in activities outside of the mainstream curriculum. Being away from home can also be a challenging time for students (and parents). But attending camp is an important milestone and the benefits of are overwhelmingly positive.

Six Benefits of School Camps

Builds independence:

Time away from home allows students to make decisions on their own, away from the spotlight of their parents. A student deciding what to eat, what to wear and having to make their own bed are important life skills that can be practiced on camp. Camps encourage students to use their self-management skills, organisational skills and problem solving skills. Making individual choices leads to a greater sense of independence. 

Builds Resilience and Confidence:

Students have the opportunity to participate in activities that are new to them. Accomplishing something in a new environment may help them over come fears and anxieties. Seeing a student, who is afraid of heights and attempting a rock wall climb, is an example of this. They may embrace the challenge of a new experience and see what they are capable of. This in turn fosters personal growth through personal challenges.

Builds Relationships:

One of the greatest benefits of a school camp allows the deepening of current friendships or forming of new ones. Friendships are tested and affirmed in new environments and experiences. This includes a student’s relationship with a teacher. These connections can have a positive impact on learning when returning to the classroom.

Builds Social Skills:

Camps allow students to develop their leadership and team building skills. They can practice their communication skills as well as demonstrate care, support and empathy to others. Working well with others for a common goal is another important life skill.

Builds Physical Fitness

Camps often encourage physical fitness. Students may do tasks that are new to them, like canoeing or hiking. Students have the chance to operate outside of their comfort zone and are exposed to activities that may become an interest to them outside of camp.  On camp students are away from screens and devices, so they can be active and engaged in hands on activities. This may also have a positive impact on mental heath.

Builds Connection Between Teachers and Their Students

For teachers normally camps can be a stressful time on the school calendar but an overnight Camp Max experience offers a reprieve and support to teachers, as everything is planned and facilitated by the AFL Max Education Team. It’s an easy and convenient option for teachers as our camps are designed by teachers for teachers in a meaningful 4 quarter model. This allows the opportunity and time for teachers to build stronger, improved relationships and connection with their students.

Overall camps allow students to grow and develop holistically … emotionally, socially and physically.

Like many areas of education, COVID has forced schools to adapt and reassess their camp options. AFL Max has a school program to suit any school. Camp Max has allowed students to experience the benefits of camps in a safe and healthy environment within Adelaide. With four different camp programs on offer, there is something to suit any school.

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